Our Ars*h*le Premiership Battle Predictions ...

We were delighted and honoured to be asked this week to be 'Guest Pundits' for Week 20 of the only real political contest that matters right now .. the brilliant Arsehole Premiership, sponsored by Newsthump, described as "one of the top two or three (ok, maybe top five) providers of topical satire and spoof news in the UK. Top ten, definitely."

Experienced as we are in spotting evil-doers, idiocy and incompetence, it's actually quite tricky comparing pairs of such loons and goons, so multiple heated discussions were held at the FRW office.

Copious amounts of tea was consumed, voices were raised, fingers were pointed and desks were slammed. Eventually a consensus was reached and we finalised our predictions.

So have a read of our thoughts, see if you agree, and check back next week when we reveal just how badly we got it all wrong :-)

Current Top of the Table, Rupert Murdoch still in a healthy position ...