Sunday Review - What The Hell Happened This Week ?

You're probably very busy so you may have missed some stories in the last 7 days.

So here's your Sunday Summary of everything of note that happened this week. Some you've seen, some you may have missed.

[Most recent stories first]

LabourOver 100 CLPs have submitted anti-Brexit motions to Labour Conference
ToriesTried to claim that Michael Foot was a Soviet informant, sparking outrage from Family
USAMidTerm Elections: Democrats Now Have Double-Digit Leads In New Polls.
BrexitWhat Actually Happens When The UK Leaves The EU?
ToriesSomerset cuts £28m of help for the most vulnerable, could go 'Bankrupt' like Northamptonshire
BrexitJacob Rees-Mogg’s Hard Brexit Group ERG questioned by Parliamentary Authorities over funding
USAAlex Jones of InfoWars - 'I'm Martin Luther King Jr'
USA12,800 immigrant children detained in Trump's Internment Camps (NYT)
USAThe Right Wing have a Plan to Re-Write U.S. Constitution .. to stop the Federal Government addressing issues like poverty and health care and corporate regulation.
USATrump Defies Science With Rejection of Puerto Rico Death Toll
BrexitNow the judges agree – the vote for Brexit was clearly tainted
BrexitEU diplomats reject Raab claim that Brexit talks are 'closing in' on deal
ToriesMEPs ordered to distance themselves from Hungary's Far-Right Orban after vote controversy
ToriesCondemned by British Jewish leaders after MEPs vote to defend Hungary's Far-Right Orban government
BrexitNo-deal could lead to financial crisis as bad as 2008, warns Carney
USARight Wing Blogger talks about Planting Protesters At Her Events
BrexitUK driving licences may no longer be valid in EU in event of no-deal Brexit, government admits
PoliceUK mass surveillance programme violates human rights, European court rules
USATrump Has Plans for Family Internment Camps
USANazi Daily Stormer Anti-Semitic fliers with Alex Jones plastered over 5 California synagogues
FascismFight Clubs : How White Nationalists are using MMA as a recruiting tool
BrexitA third of UK export firms have already lost business
USAChristian Evangelist Preacher Pat Robertson 'orders' Hurricane Florence to turn back out to sea
USAStaff — including white workers — quit en masse over owner’s unapologetic N-word use
ToriesTheresa May delays showdown over controversial plans to GerryMander 50 MP seats after Tory revolt
CrimeHome Office in the dark about whether police forces are running out of money
BrexitMet Police preparing for disorder at ports if UK crashes out of EU
ToriesWill protect Hungary’s Far-Right Orban government from EU sanctions in vote
SwedenFar Right Election Gains Are A Thin Veneer
BrexitThis shambles is boosting support for a Second Vote
ToriesBoris Johnson compares May's Brexit Plan to a Suicide Vest
BrexitNo-Deal could lead to the military on the streets
TerrorismTommy Robinson Linked To FOUR More Murders?
USAPlaid shirt guy reacting to Trump at rally becomes viral sensation
UkipNigel Farage tour- five arrested in protest outside Melbourne hotel
ToriesBritish public thinks Boris Johnson would be worse prime minister than Theresa May
BrexitUK is trapped in a recurring cycle of silly behaviour on Brexit, EU Commissioner says