On Threats, Intimidation And Harassment From The Far-Right

We, our various accounts, our valued colleagues and comrades come under verbal threat quite often.

Sometimes this includes threats of false criminal allegations, harrassment and blackmail – and escalates to physical violence.

These threats come from various Right Wing groups and individuals associated with these groups – EDL, BNP, Britain First, and Ukip. They also come from those with personal agendas who we once thought were comrades.

We’ve spoken of this before and it’s sad that we have to again.

We will not tolerate it, and we will involve the police against various individuals.

It’s happened before, we’ve acted before, and there are those now with police records, and even currently serving sentences for such actions.

To the Far Right : Be warned. Have some integrity and honour. If this is the path you choose, if this is your grand strategy to promote your cause, you will lose.