Hand Grenade Thrown At Refugee Shelter In Germany In Latest Attack On Asylum Seekers

So, it has begun.

What might be labeled terrorism (if it was carried out by a Muslim) is called a 'criminal act' when asylum seekers are the actual intended victims.

20 asylum seekers were asleep in the room, but the device failed to go off.

"Just luck" said the local Police, after the device was detonated in a controlled explosion. "This is an entirely new level of Hate and Violence."

The dehumanising of migrants and refugees has reached such a point that para-military action against them, such as this, is not only increasing but seems not to have hit the headlines very much.

Do the events of Cologne justify this action, against unconnected persons?

Does a stabbing in Sweden by a Somali boy justify a mob of hundreds of masked and arm-banded thugs, connected to Right Wing Football Gangs, rampaging and targeting immigrant children unconnected to the crime?

How brave of these 'Patriots'.