The #BNP Is Dead? No, It’s Not. It’s Alive And Well, Within #Ukip

The people of Barking, and the UK as a whole, rejected the BNP.
News today that the BNP failed to register correctly as a Political Party with the Electoral Commission has led to early celebrations in some quarters.

Many of us have spent so many days on the streets, campaigning against BNP over the years. Barking was as familiar to us as our own home town.

But dead? No. They live on, within Ukip.

Where do you think those BNP votes have gone?

In Oldham on 4th December 2015, the BNP 2010 vote of 2546 didn't simply vanish. It went to Ukip. Oldham was one of many constituencies where Nick Griffin ran for power, coming third here in 2001. No wonder Ukip considered it a natural target seat.

And former BNP members currently within Ukip repeatedly get 'outed' by many, including ourselves, despite being 'banned' by UKIP (A banning process which Ukip have never enforced)

The BNP are still here, just wearing a very slightly better suit, and wearing a purple rosette.