UKIP Scotland Chairman Arthur 'Misty' Thackeray Quits After Sex Charges

We've been on this guys case for a while.
A famed member of Ukip Scotland (all 6 of them), he has a documented history of racism, islamophobia, bigotry and homophobia.

After appearing in court on a series of sex call charges, he quit.

'AMT''s previous form.
But Ukip should have kicked him out long ago. He has openly boasted of being part of the SDL - Scottish Defence League, the north of the border wing of the English Defence League, a proscribed organisation under Ukip rules.

He has also openly boasted about his part in various Far-Right Events.

Thackeray, right, with Ukip MEP David Coburn, left.

How he lasted so long is a question easily answered - he has been protected by Ukip MEP David Coburn. No longer.

Full story at the Scottish Daily Record.