Front National's Marine Le Pen Awarded "Political Liar Of The Year" Award

From Francaise Local:

And the 'Liar Of The Year' award goes to ... Marine Le Pen.

European jury of Experts has chosen Marine Le Pen as the "political liar of the year", pointing to a series of occasions she has has shared misleading information - mostly about migrants.

The jury for Friday's prize was made up of a series of journalists and presided over by political scientist Thomas Guénolé, reported France Info.

Le Pen, the president of the anti-Europe and anti-immigration National Front, appeared to have tripped up most when it came to immigrant statistics.

More at Francaise Local.

Well, we're used to lies from Nigel Farage, of course, which so often go unchallenged by the media, but in France, they take their politicians head on.

It seems his BFF in the EU, Fascist Le Pen, not content with a court case for Racism and an investigation for Fraud, has now been caught just too many times telling porkies on live French TV.