Ukip Elected Official : "Anyone But A Muslim"

Just 4 words, that's all.

But 4 words which highlight both a curse - and an opportunity - for Ukip.

The comment was made on Facebook by Sarah Larkins, Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Ramsgate (yet another seaside town in the partial grip of Ukip. What is it with beaches?) in reference to Sadiq Khan, Mayoral Candidate for Ukip.

Sarah Larkins
By her comment we can reasonably deduce that she thinks it matters not (or she doesn't care) who becomes Mayor of London, as long as that person does not follow the faith of Islam.

A clearer, more unequivocal example of Islamic Hatred from a Ukip Official we can scarce recall.

Peter Whittle, Ukip Candidate for same, has yet to comment on the Islamic Hatred of his colleague - but then, no change there. He also refuses to comment on the Gay Hate of his other colleague, Alan Craig.

Of course, the level of Hate against Islam and Muslims on Social Media from Ukip supporters, followers and voters is "a torrent, a flood, a storm" (all favourite Ukip words).

Peter Whittle
'No comment'
This is the curse of Ukip - that their core support does not hold back from their hatred online. Ukip, of course, claim (often, because it happens often) that this is out of their control, although they do nothing to condemn it.

But an elected official (and of course a party member) is very much in their control. This is a real opportunity for Ukip to show that they do (as they claim) root out the Hate in their party.


Even while writing this post, word came through that Ukip have deemed this comment as acceptable. They stated that:
".. The party would not be disciplining the councillor over the Facebook post." 
Further proof, if any were required, that Ukip refuse to face up to the Hate that so often wears a purple rosette.

Surprising even more is the fact that Larkins should be protecting the rights of minority groups, being as she is, transgender - which we of course respect, fully, as a matter wholly unrelated to her politics. But we have little doubt she has, like many with gender issues, almost certainly been the target of abuse at some point due to this.

Seems now though she's happy to dish out the same hatred.

Her Twitter account at @SarahLarkins is now, naturally, protected. No surprise there.

The real story here is: "Ukip, despite evidence, refuse to sanction or eject an elected Official who openly calls for discrimination against Muslims."

Perhaps Ukip have now just stopped pretending.

Update 29/2/2016

Larkins apologised (kind of) today:
"I wish to offer an unreserved apology for offence caused by my recent comment on Facebook."

"I acknowledge this is not party policy, and realise the comment risked blaming a whole religion for the actions of a few."
Although we're not sure this actually constitutes an apology, as this does not directly mention the person to whom the comment was addressed, Sadiq Khan.