The Knights Templar International - An Analysis, by @IRBFUK

The Anti Hate Organisation IRBF ( on Twitter and IRBF on Facebook) analyses an up-and-coming Far Right Group, Knights Templar International ('KTI'). Huge cross-posting between them and Britain First.

"Like many groups and individuals whose (bizarre?) hobby is monitoring far right pages on social media we spotted a new kid on the block in 2015 – the Knights Templar International."

"The Facebook page was a strange mix of ads for clothing (from the Patriot Store, more on that later), Islamaphobia, ads to join the order and click bait. From the outset we were suspicious of the page and suspected the involvement of James Dowson, ex Orangeman, BNP and Britain First."

"The hallmarks of Dowson’s involvement were all over the KTI page. The usual click bait posts, ‘Share if you are against animal cruelty’, ‘Share if you respect our armed forces’ and post after post espousing a pro-life agenda."

More here on IRBF.