The #Ukip Express - Why It's The Number One Media Title For Lies, And How We Prove It

We've made the above statement many times. In fact, just last July, The Express overtook the Daily Mail as the top National Media Title for Breaches under the IPSO Editors Code of Practice. And since then, for 10 months, it's held on to that Number 1 spot with a vice grip.

The usual Express 'trick' is to create a dramatic headline which doesn't actually match the story body. The Express knows that it's the headline that gets tweeted and posted. Who bothers to actually read the story? Pfft.

The Daily Express - The UK Media's Biggest Liars - Official

But ... IPSO don't publish charts - so how do we know?

Simple. We run a series of *nix/bash/sh/ scripts every month (and if you don't know what that means you're already way in over your head. It's a Linux thing)

So here's a rough breakdown of our methodology.

  • The updated IPSO Adjudications Page is downloaded automatically, using 'wget'.
  • The Page is 'scraped' using 'python' 'html2txt', 'grep' and 'cut' to split it into individual adjudications.
  • The adjudications are jetted into a LibreOffice HSQLDB-base and tabbed 'Media Title' 'Adjudication' 'Code Breach' 'Date' 'Complainant' etc.
  • The adjudications are checked to make sure there are no duplicates unwittingly injected.
  • The HSQLDB-base is visually checked for the month to ensure the data makes sense.
  • The data is then bash-grep-ed back into a cut-table for examination.
  • The data is then regex'd and re-grepped then piped to stdout to sort by Media Title, and we see who's top.
  • And for 10 months, it's been the Daily Express.

[Update June 2017 .. Yes, still the Daily Express, every month. An unbroken run of 2 years]

[Update Jan 2018 .. The Express remains No. 1 with the Mail nipping the top spot just twice in last 12 months]

If you followed all that, you're as geeky as our coder. It's not too hard. It's a script bundle that could very easily be replicated on Windows. But Pro's use Linux.

And if you have a better methodology, let us know.

Frankly we're surprised that IPSO or other Media-Watch Organisations don't publish some form of Chart themselves, perhaps they feel it would be victimising the worst offenders, like naming-and-shaming .. which we're happy to do.

The worst offender is, of course .. Richard Desmond. Express owner, Porn Baron, Tax Dodger and Ukip Donor.

Express owner Desmond, with Farage. Desmond is desperate to rehabilitate himself into polite society after making his money on Porn TV stations such as Planet X, and Filth Mags like Asian Babes.

In the meantime, when we make the above statement, it has a mathematical backing.

Here's just a few fake stories, all busted within 24 hours, all upheld by IPSO, all with tiny tiny 'apologies' and 'retractions' on page 13.

What's that? You want our scripts? Okay, sure. £150. You'll need to run it in a VPN or Emulator kicking from a Linux Kernel.

If you don't know what that means, write your own scripts, or hire someone to do it.