Ukip, Tim Aker, And The 'Sexual Assault' Story - Some Background

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[Caveat: I'm reporting here on what I've read in other media, and what I know. Anything else is reported as 'allegations', as the politician who is the subject of this article is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. The problem is, the previous allegation was never investigated properly so, as it stands, it'll never get to court, never get beyond rumour.

Discussions have been ongoing in various forums about whether this information should be put in the Public Domain - not as reporting the current allegation, but as an allegation of a previous incident.

I believe it should. If this gets an allegation of a serious sexual crime actually investigated properly, it's wholly justified.]

As a veteran campaigner against Racism, Fascism and in particular, Ukip, there's a story I've been aware of for a while. A long while.

About a senior Ukip Official, allegations of a very serious sex crime, and a suspected Ukip cover-up.

Timothy Aker, Ukip MEP with questions to answer.
It's a story I've heard from so many different sources that I've been convinced for a long time that it was completely true, but I could never get enough on it to interest the mainstream media.

I also had well-based concerns, along with others, for the welfare of the young female allegedly involved ... and so I felt that the issue couldn't be forced at the time.

Now, a story has broken, covered not just in local Essex newspapers here and here but in The Guardian. I expect - and hope - that other media outlets will pick up the story and run it.

The Guardian story.
It's based on the same sources as this detailed blog piece by Greg Lance-Watkins, here, which covers the case in depth, with Facebook posts of comments by the alleged victim

Trigger warning for the above links - content may be upsetting.]

The story is about Ukip MEP Tim Aker being questioned - voluntarily - by Essex police in relation to a 'sexual assault'.

This is, I think, is in response both to the alleged victim filing a report about the incident, and also in reaction to a 'malicious letter' detailing these allegations, sent out to various organisations in the local Thurrock area.
Who sent the letter? I don't know. (It wasn't me, by the way).

What I can confirm is my suspicion over the reason why it was sent: Because despite a previous allegation against this person, no serious investigation into said allegation has ever been initiated. I've wondered about that. A lot. I suspect the letter was designed to force the issue. (That's my theory...)

But here's the thing: The story being reported by the media is actually not the story I, and others, had. It's a different event, in a different place, involving a different female. There is here, quite clearly, a whole can of worms about to be opened.

I firmly believe the first alleged incident has not come to light due to a combination of [quote] "fear tactics and intimidation" [unquote] of the victim, but of course I can't prove it. It's only hearsay.

So - what will Ukip's reaction be? I can take a good guess. 

"It's a well-timed smear campaign with no basis of truth ..."
Timing was merely due to the fact that the alleged victim took until 26th April to report it. Ukip will no doubt claim that her timing was suspicious but I'm pretty sure, as far as I know, no rival political party had any hand in this timing.

"The 'Malicious Letter' was issued by someone from [insert any Political Party here] ..."
Maybe it was. I don't actually know. I suspect it was designed to force a police investigation into an allegation of a serious sexual crime - surely something Ukip would welcome? That fact doesn't detract from the contents of the letter.

"The female involved is a [insert insult] with a history of [insert spurious unfounded allegation] ..."
I strongly expect this will happen. Ukip will go all guns blazing on the alleged victim with everything they have. The Ukip officials I suspect are on the case have been very quiet today. I think they're busy, right now, on this. Character assassination is a weapon that Ukip have used before.

"It's now a matter for the police so we can't comment ..."
Well, it is now. But I note that Ukip have failed to take any action on this allegation during all the time we're convinced they were fully aware of it.

For legal reasons, I can't go into the details of the previous allegation as I understand that the victim herself in that alleged incident has not make a formal complaint. But what I can tell you is that the County Force in that incident - Lincolnshire Police - were made fully aware of the alleged incident (by a third party, known to me) last year.

They were also made aware of the girl's age, as well as of other names within Ukip who were allegedly involved, not only in the alleged incident, but in the subsequent cover-up.

I trust now that Lincolnshire Police will properly investigate the previous allegation, and that several individuals (within Ukip) may choose now to either wait for the knock on the door - or reveal what they know.

While they can.

The real story here is much, much bigger: The suspected Ukip cover-up.

I have been advised on very good authority from several sources that certain officials within Ukip, senior to Tim Aker, were fully aware of the incident(s) and, at the very least, chose to take no action.

Lastly, don't underestimate the seriousness of this matter. 'Sexual Assault' is a wide cover-all phrase which both the Police and the Media have to use at this time. This is not some mere allegation of 'drunken groping' or 'wandering hands' - as the alleged victim's facebook post imply here [Trigger warning - victims words may be upsetting.]

I strongly believe that when further details of the story come to light, it will become clear that what is being alleged here - is rape.

Discussions have been ongoing in various forums about whether this information should be put in the Public Domain, not as reporting the current allegation, but as an allegation of a previous incident.

I believe it should. From what I have seen personally there is more than enough information on the original incident in Lincolnshire to justify an investigation - but none has taken place.

I expect flak. I expect threats. But I also expect Police to do their jobs and not dismiss these allegations as unfounded without investigating them thoroughly.