US Neo-Nazis Consider Taylor Swift Their “Aryan Goddess”

OMG. It's true, not a 'meme', not a 'hoax' - American White Supremacists think of 'La Swifty' as their perfect "Aryan Uber Fraulein".

If her pop stardom ever stalls, Taylor Swift has another solid career option waiting in the wings: fascist dictator - or at least symbol of the fascist movement, if said fascists would not consent to being ruled over by a woman.

Apparently, neo-Nazis already consider Swift an “Aryan goddess,” according to Broadly: Her blond hair, her thin frame, and her roots in country music make her the perfect avatar for the people who populate the internet’s “alt-right” subculture.

There is no word so far as to what she thinks of her new .. fans.

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