Generation Identitaire Aims To Become A European Anti-Islam Youth Militia ...

'Generation Identitaire' is a relatively new up and coming Right Wing group spawned in Austria but mainly based in France, which is planning to spread more across Europe.

They have taken an 'Anti-68' agenda (against the New Liberalism in France of that year) - and turned it into their platform for Faith Hate instead.

They have one simple agenda - Their fight against Islam. Not Extremism, not Terrorism: Islam, the Faith, and all Muslims. Dangerous? We think so. Their 'recruiting video' "A Declaration Of War" seeps with unbridled hatred and aggression.

They mention, in their video, the social ills that have for many years plagued France ... but twist their narrative to point the finger of blame at the one group of people who are least to blame. Not corruption, not politicians .. just migrants. Just muslims.

Aggressive? Very. Their 'Summer Camp Training Video' recently posted has elements of Leni Reifenstahl's propaganda film 'Olympia' made for the Nazis.

Apparently in this video they are 'training to protect their country' by doing lots of jogging and push-ups.