The Long, Long, List of Vote Leave #Brexit Lies ... Each One, Busted.

Richard Corbett MEP
Scourge of Brexiteers
One of the hardest working MEPs in the EU (for 20 years) is Labour's Richard Corbett, representing Yorkshire and Humber.

His speciality is, and has been for many years, busting EU myths using properly sourced, neutral data. Actual facts, and all publicly available.

His piece on Vote Leave Lies we thought was particularly good. We reproduce the 24 item listing here, with links to his verified sources for each point.

  1. We send £350m a week to Brussels
  2. We can’t stop Turkey joining
  3. We can’t stop a European army
  4. We are still liable to pay eurozone bailouts
  5. The UK rebate can be changed against our will
  6. Our VAT exemptions will be ended
  7. Cameron’s deal was not legally binding
  8. EU law is adopted by unelected bureaucrats
  9. We can’t control our borders in the EU
  10. Criminals arriving in Germany can get EU passports and come over here
  11. Health tourism costs us billions
  12. EU needs UK trade more than vice versa
  13. Past referendum results have been ignored
  14. Auditors still refuse to sign off the accounts
  15. CAP adds £400 to British food bills
  16. British steel suffers because of the EU
  17. Irish border will be unaffected by Brexit
  18. UK can’t deport EU criminals
  19. UK is always outvoted
  20. 60-70% of laws come from EU
  21. Renationalisation of industries is impossible
  22. We get no veto on future treaty change or integration
  23. The budget ceiling can increase without our consent
  24. We thought we were only joining a free trade zone