The #Tories Have A Complete Plan For #Brexit

Many (well, many in Ukip) are concerned at the lack of 'movement' on Article 50 from Teresa May. We're not.

Anyway, relax, Ukip.

Theresa May won't 'block' the UK leaving the EU - It's full steam ahead !

They've even got a detailed plan - here it is, in full ...

The Tories will give "Article 50" the most serious and urgent consideration, after a thorough and rigorous examination of all the proposals, allied to a detailed feasibility study and budget analysis before producing a consultative document for consideration by all interested bodies and seeking comments and recommendations to be incorporated in a brief for a series of working parties who will produce individual studies that will form the background for a more wide-ranging document considering whether or not the proposal should be taken forward to the next stage, which is an interdepartmental committee with fairly broad terms of reference so that at the end of the day the UK would be in a position to think through all the implications and take a decision based on long-term considerations rather than rush prematurely into precipitate and possibly ill-conceived action that might well have unforeseen repercussions.
See? Nothing to worry about.

(Adapted, of course from excerpts of "Yes, Minister" and "Yes, Prime Minister", created by Anthony Jay and Johnathan Lynn, words spoken by the obfuscative Sir Humphrey Appleby, played by the late Sir Nigel Hawthorne, left.)