USA Neo Nazi 'Aryan Brotherhood' Crushed With 73 Convictions

Good story from the USA, as the Texas Branch of the White Supremacist Crime organisation is virtually wiped out after 73 arrests - and 73 convictions.

Dallas Prosecutors  outline the operation to journalists.
AB Amarillo
Branch Leader
The Aryan Brotherhood is on the surface an organised crime gang, often involved in drug trafficking, extortion, illegal weapon sales, prison inmate prostitution, and murder-for-hire. But underlining their activities is their Neo-Nazi roots, shown by their tribal tattoos, incoporating Nazi symbolism such as SS, sig runes, swastikas, as well as 'White Supremacist' symbology such as shamrocks and celtic iconography.

We find it disappointing that none of the charges involved any hate crime of any description, but mainly involved kidnapping, murder, drug trafficking and arson.

AB Prison Tattoos
Lubbock, Texas
But jail is jail, and that's where they're headed.

Most arrests came after serious and often dangerous undercover FBI work - mirroring the plot of this years film 'Imperium' which we wrote about recently.

FBI expect many more arrests as AB members, with no idea who's loyal and who's not, scramble to spill the beans and make deals while they can. This will likely spill over into other states, and the ripple effect should keep the AB's heads down for a while.

Kudos to the undercover FBI officers involved, unnamed for obvious reasons. Scary way to make a living.