France Still Says The #Burkini Is A 'Risk To Public Order'. Here's The REAL Risk.

After a Paris High Court ruled that the 'burkini banb was against the French Constitution, a local Nice Court has now over-ruled the beach law imposed by the Mayor of Nice, stating that 'concerns are insufficient to justify the ban.

29 more French local authorities still retain the rule.

The original 'justification' was that it was a "Risk to Public Order" ... without any evidence given or examples stated. And now a poll has revealed that a very high percentage of the UK want a full ban on the burkha, niqab and burkini - again, all without any legal justification or stated examples where it has been a 'threat'.

You want a "Risk to Public Order" .. ?

Here: These men are Far Right Extremists in the UK, supporters of the EDL, Britain First, PegidaUK, Combat 18 and South Coast Resistance. They are freely allowed to demonstrate in public and state their vile views. Why? Because we have 'Freedom of Assembly' and 'Freedom of Speech'.

But we also have 'Freedom to Practice any Faith of our Choice'.

These animals, taking advantage of one 'Freedom', are calling for another to be curtailed.