The Impact Of Brexit On Far-Right Groups In The UK

An interesting report we've just been alerted to, from the Institute for Strategic Dialogue examines the Social Media effect on various Far-Right groups in the UK, in and around the time of the Brexit Referendum, with some interesting results, and is well worth a download.

The questions they posed were:
  1. How did the Brexit Campaign and the murder of Jo Cox impact on far right political parties and street movements?
  2. Did the use of derogatory xenophobic terms on Twitter increase throughout the final two months of the campaign?
The analysis methodology is sound (we use a similar analysis model), and their conclusions were:
  • UK Far-Right groups gained a significant number of followers from the murder of Jo Cox MP and the Brexit Campaign. Britain First’s Twitter followership increased by over 700 in the 5 days following Jo Cox's murder.
  • Britain’s four most prominent Far-Right groups all amplified their online reach during the Brexit Campaign, with British Unity increasing its visibility on Twitter by almost 12,000% last month.
  • The English Defence League, the British National Party and Britain First were all talked about in a more positive way online following both the murder of Jo Cox and the EU Referendum Result.
  • The election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor of London and the terror attack in Orlando had far greater impact on the use of anti-immigrant language online than the EU Referendum Result.
  • While levels of support online are extremely important to understand the current state of far right groups, the extent to which increased online support and visibility for far right groups translates into actual support offline remains unknown at this point.
Download: The Impact Of Brexit On Far-Right Groups In The UK