Aussie Social Media Retaliates On Racism ...

Pauline Hanson,
Australia's Farage
Despite the rise of the racist, islamophobic 'One Nation Party' and it's key spokesperson, Pauline Hanson, Australia has rarely suffered much in the way of overt racism (except, of course, against the indigenous aborigines that the European settlers almost eradicated).

And Social Media just loves to fight back when any Racism does rear it's ugly head.

Case in point here, when Josie Ajak, working in a Cairns coffee shop, was told by an elderly woman in a wheelchair:

"I refuse to be served by a black person, can you get me a white lady?"

Josie Ajak
The employee was rightly supported by the management, and the customer was rightly left waiting in vain - and shortly afterwards left the building.

Seriously, who *wouldn't* want to be served with this smile?

After a friend wrote about the incident on Facebook, the post quickly went viral.

And after all the public support, Ms Ajak commented:

"It's amazing seeing all this support from all these people I've never met, who don't have any idea who I am but are still supporting me and standing behind me!"