Daily Mail Finally Reaches Peak Ukip / Britain First ...

It had to happen at some point. The Mail has gone full-on, turbo-charged Britain First.

A Calais migrant dies (through his own bad luck or stupidity, taking part in illegal road block incident) and the Mail reports it.

Cue the comments from Daily Mail readers, or should we say, Ukip and Britain First supporters: Because the language is identical to what we see in forums and groups belonging to the most Far Right Wing groups in the UK.

Do the Mail jump in and moderate? Of course not. They might think of that as "Curtailing Free Speech"EXCEPT some of the comments are very close to being considered as Incitement To Violence. The Moderators? They're either non-existant, or they don't care .. or they agree. Take your pick.

Well spotted by Twitter user @DMReporter.

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