Raheem Kassam - The Right Man For Ukip ...

The "Poisionous Wrong'un himself"
Yes, you did indeed read that right. Of course he is.

He's a perfect fit.

Read on ...

"He'll UNITE Ukip" they say.

Of course he will. He'll 'unite' them with current and former members and supporters of the EDL, BNP, Britain First, who cannot at present 'show themselves'. 

Now they can be proudly upstanding within the Party! This is Kassam's policy, and he's stated this freely and  openly.

This would be "highly dangerous for the party's future and highly toxic" said a Ukip NEC source.

You can probably add Far-Right groups such as 'National Action', 'North West Infidels', 'Stormfront' and all the others to that coveted 'Invitation List'.

"He's a WINNER" they say.

Of course he is. His political experience consists of running the Ukip 2015 General Election Campaign, in which they said they'd get 40 Westminster seats (some sources said 100) but which resulted in just ... One - and he's a Tory who Kassam despises and ridicules, daily.

Another of Kassam's triumphs.
Oh, but there's more - he also oversaw and personally directed Nigel Farage's own hugely successful Campaign in Thanet, which resulted in a magnificent failure - even with Kassam fiddling the Election Expenses.

And in the inquest after the failure, what did Ukip blame their Election Collapse on? Kassam's strategy.

BIG Trump fan.
Thirdly, Kassam's Breitbart has championed the cause of Donald Trump since Day One. How's that going, Raheem? 

Still, er ... 0 out of 3 isn't bad, eh? 

"He has a long track record of SUCCESS" they say.

Of course he has. In addition to his outstanding performance in the General Election as noted above, he's the editor of Breitbart 'News' London. Don't worry if you've never heard of it, it's just a little-known blog on the internet, subsidised by American Alt-Right money.

So ... Kassam's 'big achievement' is - he runs a blog. Er, yeah, that's pretty much it.

Yeah, Raheem, it's a 'Blog', okay? It's not a
'News Service' when you nick all your stories.
A blog that is unpublished in hard copy, and thus is unregulated by Media Watchdog IPSO - allowing it to invent whatever story they like (and they do).

A blog that employs current and former Ukip officials and candidates as - get this - 'journalists'. 

A blog that has so little credibility that most organisations quite rightly refuse it any 'media accreditation'.

"He's a man of HONOUR" they say.

Of course he is. That's why he was described by his own party colleague, MEP Patrick O'Flynn, as an 'utterly unprofessional poisonous wrong'un', to almost universal agreement. Flynn went on to say that Kassam wanted to take Ukip "in a direction of some hard right ultra-aggressive American Tea Party movement".

Did this worry Kassam? Not a jot. When asked about it, after he was quickly sacked, he seemed proud of it, indeed he replied "You ain't seen nothing, yet!"

"He's a man of INTEGRITY" they say.

Of course he is. That's why he freely admitted bullshitting the media every time a Ukip Candidate was caught spouting anything racist. "If not guilty, they'll provide evidence", he said, "but if they're guilty, we'll give a bullshit excuse about being hacked." (Buzzfeed, 28/4/2105)

His 'blog', of course, is famous for lifting pieces almost word-for-word from the Daily Mail - and then claiming the credit. He calls it journalism, apparently.

"He's RESPECTED in the Party" they say.

Of course he is. Actually, he's 'respected' by an insignificant minority. The majority in Ukip are fully aware that even his Candidacy will be highly damaging to the Party. He will abuse and attack his opponents, one of whom will win, and so we'll be using his own material against his own for months.

Kassam is understandably loathed in Ukip. And he hates most of the Party right back.

"He'll give us the RESULT we need" they say.

Of course he will. That result being; political failure at the ballot box, bankruptcy, ridicule, dissolution - and finally obscurity.

And that's exactly result we want.