Thatcher Voted 'Worst Prime Minister Of The Past 100 Years" ...

In a survey of The Historical Writers’ Association (we hear they're a group of mixed political views) this week, Margaret Thatcher was voted the U.K.’s worst prime minister of the past century.

Still revered by many Tories and plenty of #Ukip (especially Nigel Farage, who claimed he was "carrying on her work") Thatcher is of course universally loathed by everybody else.

Our commiserations to David Cameron who was narrowly beaten into second place.

Yes, okay it's a pretty small sample. And they're 'writers'. But more importantly, they're historical writers and thus able to place her in the right historical perspective, so we think the judgement is pretty valid.

As author Catherine Hokin stated, "Britain is still reaping her poisoned harvest."

Ukip's Nigel Farage - peddling recycled
Tory policies for 20 years.
Her political 'offspring', Cameron and Osborne, attempted to put her policies back into the mainstream. That worked well.

And Farage has constantly alienated many centre- and left-leaning members of Ukip (the ones he wants to attract more of) by publicly stating his admiration for the woman.

We think that most Thatcher fans are oblivious not only to the damage she did to our society as a whole, but to the loathing she still inspires, almost nationwide.

She shall not be forgotten. She certainly will not be forgiven - and neither will those who still blindly revere her.