Trump's Big Mistake? He's Brought His Followers Into The Target Zone ...

The Donald has make a gaffe in his campaign the effects of which will likely will not be felt until next year. And the wonderful thing is; he probably doesn't even know it yet.

We'll start with this: Hilary Clinton will almost certainly win the US Presidential Election.

Yes of course, there's still a ways to go, and it's not remotely set in stone, but it's heading that way, inexorably, daily.

Here's why: Red states will go Republican, Blue states will go Democrat. Such has always been the way.

Which means it's all about the swing states (10, 11 or 14, depending on which News Organisation you read. Fox has 8, but, Fox, eh?) - and in those places, Clinton has a pretty comfortable lead.

For example, neutral site The Hill calculated last week that there are 111 Electoral College votes up for grabs in the 11 Swings. Trump needs about 85 to reach the magic number, Clinton needs just about 32 - and she leads in 8 of 11 of those states.

Some News Organisations even suggest that Trump needs to win ALL THE SWING STATES to be in with a chance.

Swing State Map.
Interactive version is at
And even in traditional Republican states, previously 'locked-in' by the Trump Campaign as guaranteed, are now coming under threat - places like Alaska, Ohio, Florida.

Even Texas.

Yeah, Texas. George Bush Country.

These numbers fluctuate daily, of course - but they haven't changed that much in the swings, except marginally in Clinton's favour. Even if Trump nails the Final Debate, it's a day late and dollar short.
Watch the Swing States, people. Remember Al Gore vs George Bush in 2000? It all came down to one state, Florida, which Bush took by less than 1000 votes.

(Incidentally, this is why every vote counts. It's the perfect example.)

So, onto Trump's mistake. What future, for Donald, after he loses? We don't care. We're more interested in the effect it will have on the US Far-Right in general.

One of our colleagues in the USA had an interesting conversation with an FBI Agent at a MidWest Regional Office, around the time of the premiere of the film "Imperium", starring Daniel Radcliffe (which we wrote about here) about an Agent infiltrating a White Supremacist group.

He had this to say:
"One of the problems historically with these groups, the White Power nuts, the Supremacists, the Neo Nazis and Klanners is they hide. They're good at it, they've had decades to learn how. Now, with Trump, they've all come out of the woodwork, in person, at rallies, at meets and online. We had some some names, now we have faces to match. And where we had faces, now we got names too. Where you got a name and a face, you got a location and a history. And a name gives you associates and everything. It's like an intelligence avalanche." 
"We had 32 teams, along with Homeland Security, looking investigating Domestic Extremism. With this new intel, now we want to ramp up to 70 regional teams, nationwide, we need a bigger budget for that, but it's the first thing our Director Comey's gonna be asking for in January - and word is, he's gonna get."
"There's guys who've retired in the last 10 years wanna come back in the service just to hunt down these guys. Guys that started with the Bureau when the Klan were very active. We're gonna be busy."
So Trump's pandering to these people, his validation of their views, has led them to believe he can win, that a new America beckons, and they've popped their heads above the parapet.

'Aryan Brotherhood'
Once hidden well, now visible.
And now they're unmasked. In the open.

Which means, with the expectation of next years' investigations, arrests, convictions and jail, their ranks should be nicely thinned out. Should Trump (or Cruz, or Rubio, or any other NeoCon or Alt-Right or Tea Party loon choose to run in 2020, their support will be lesser, we hope, and certainly wary. We expect US media to carry lots of reports in the next few years of White Supremacists going down.

And when Clinton wins, if they kick off with 'riots and armed insurrection' as they've promised, it'll be a Turkey Shoot for SWAT Teams.

You can add to this the damage done to the Republican Party just for nominating Trump, from which they will take years to recover. Maybe even 3 or four Electoral Cycles.

Add to that the issue that the Republicans in the Senate and Congress will get - are being - hammered.

Not that Clinton will be a great President, of course - we think she'll be a bit 'meh' .. but, Republicans, look at the option you gave the US voters. Clinton, with all her many faults, looks like an angel standing next to a devil.

After 2 terms of Obama, we are looking at 2 (probably) terms of Clinton, in a Washington without any Republican majority in Senate or Congress.

And this can only be a good thing.