Our Statement on the Election of Donald Trump ...

To those celebrating the Election of the Donald: We have tried to warn you about Donald Trump. You weren't listening, were you? Nothing we tweeted or wrote was 'media bias' or myth. It was all sourced and factual.

Before too long, we think you will realise the truth.

You cannot then say "But ... but we didn't know."

You will realise you've been conned into electing a neo-fascist, tax-dodging, serial sexual predator who cares nothing for anything other than his own brand. A man who has successfully hijacked your fears for his own ends.

If you're a White Christian in America, you'll be just fine, probably. Anybody else is fair game. He'll probably reopen Guantanamo for as many Liberals as he can jail.

He will kill off Free Medical Care for the poorest, while increasing the wealth of the richest, and isolating USA from the World. Does that sound like a man "working for the benefit of all America?"

Do you really think he'll build "that wall"? Do you think he'll defeat terrorism just because he says he can, though he hasn't said how? Do you think he'll defeat ISIS - simply because he's promised to?

You may claim you are now "free". Freedom? You really think you've won freedom, under Trump? Your fellow Americans, of differing faiths, races, or sexual orientation haven't. You now have 'freedom' to sit back and slowly regret your decision for 4 years.

You dismiss us as 'whinging SJWs'? It's because we actually give a damn about our fellow humans. All of them, of all faiths and colours. It's a very Christian thing to do so.

We suspect strongly that before too long, as happened with the UK's Brexit Referendum, many will soon be saying .. "Shit. What the hell have we just done?"

And you won't be able to claim you didn't know. You will not be able to claim innocence or ignorance - and you will be entirely complicit in everything he does.


America : to succeed your first Black President, you have elected a man cheered by the KKK all the way. What do you think that tells you? White America, having come so far in eradicating some of the Race and Faith Hate and Injustice, has elected a man who will revert to a Jim Crow-style America, 1954-style.

You call for Unity; for all of America to 'get behind' your new President. This call comes from those who have undermined, libelled and torpedoed the current President, non-stop for 8 years, stymied and blocked everything he's tried to do.

You call for 'Healing the Divisions'; In a nation who's divide has been catalysed and abused by the very man you have elected, and his supporters.

We wish you luck, Trump fans, with the battle you will have with your consciences in the coming 4 years. Because the stain on America's image around the world will stick for decades. And all of your various violent Hate Groups, semi-underground for so long, will now surface in glory whilst Trump mocks those who voted for him for the so easily misled fools they are.

And you know what, America? The world had almost forgiven you for the embarrassment that was George Dubya Bush.

This? This might take a while.