#Trump, #Clinton - Why The Nastiness Won’t End On Election Day ...

An excellent piece by decent journalists - veteran commentators Bob Cusack and Ian Swanson - from one of our favourite political sites, thehill.com,

You think this is coming to and end? Oh, we wish. Whoever wins - it's just warming up.

The 2016 presidential election has been one of the ugliest races in the nation’s political history, and its after-effects could be even worse.
No matter who wins on Tuesday, half the country will be angry.
If Donald Trump wins, Democrats will blame FBI Director Jim Comey.
If Hillary Clinton wins, Trump and his supporters will likely blame the GOP establishment for not uniting behind him.
And that’s just the beginning.
If Clinton wins, Republicans in Congress are already talking about years of investigations and even the possibility of impeachment.
Eyeing likely midterm gains, the GOP will have little incentive to cooperate on possible bipartisan compromises with a Democratic president.
If Trump wins, he’ll need to deal with a Democratic establishment that will be hoping to gain congressional seats in 2018 and make him a one-term president by 2020.
That's without calls for recounts - which, after numerous 'rigging' allegations, we think are bound to happen. 

That's without the expected voter intimidation from the Republicans which the Democrats will point to in close losses.

That's without the inevitable system and machinery failures.

And can you imagine the level of bile in the concession speech, from whoever?

So don't plan on taking things easy on Wednesday - it ain't gonna happen.

Hang on in there, America.