#Ukip #Farage Finally Admits: EU Referendum IS NOT Legally Binding ...

As we've said for months, this is indeed the case. It was always advisory.

And now, as reported in the Huffington PostNigel Farage has to put his hands up and confess: It's not legally binding - and the judges are right.
“I take the advisory point. And I would now wish to see constitutional change to make referendums binding.”
Better still, he was forced into such a corner by a non-politician, businesswoman Gina Miller, the woman who this week brought the #Article50 case to court - and won.


Then after arguing for 2 decades for Parliamentary Sovereignty, Farage went on to state:
"This not about whether Parliament is sovereign."

But of course this shouldn't be of news to anyone informed. The proper Media (i.e., not the Daily Mail or Express) has had regular pieces - long pre-dating the Court Judgement - detailing why the Referendum was advisory only.

The source? 10, Downing Street.