Crisis At Christmas, On Christmas Day ...

[We sometimes write about non-political issues, like domestic violence, the environment and homelessness - although we would argue this issue *is* political.]

Crisis At Christmas, in Camden, has been up and running for a few days and things are settling down into a routine. Persons seeking shelter are almost matched 1 to 1 with the army of volunteers here. As this writer helps out year-round at a Homelessness Charity I can appreciate that not everyone has the time in their weekly schedule to do so, but it's wonderful to see so many volunteers here giving their time, at a critical time.

I am delighted, and somewhat moved, by the amount of youth volunteers here. Seems enough of our kids are being taught right.

Enthusiasm abounds, nothing is too much trouble. I saw one street chap I knew from old, walk into the centre yesterday. Today I saw him twice without even recognising him. Haircut, beard trim, new glasses, smart jacket.

But above all was his new demeanour. So little it takes to transform a person's self-confidence - in this case literally overnight.
Sleeping spaces are watched over and safe. This is critical when so many homeless sometimes fear to sleep for the associated risks.

Everything is on hand and on site. You need'nt even leave the building - but it's best to. A walk around Camden on a fresh London morning is a cultural experience to be savoured. The most amazing, vibrant neighbourhood, with dazzling street art.

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