Plot? Lost ... When A #Ukip 'Meedja' Rookie Jumps The Shark ...

We know (because Nigel Farage told all of us last week) that Ukip is full of 'low-grade' people.

Crowds at a London Tube Station
tweeted by Jeremy Bowen. Just looks like
an average night in London, to us.
Even more so these days, with their financial chasm being so unmanageable that various full-time roles have in the last 18 months been scuppered and replaced with part-time, unpaid positions, to save cash.

But one would think that a party wishing to be considered 'professional' and 'cutting-edge' would hire experienced 'media' people.

Hmm. It appears, 'not so much'.

Ukip's young 'Meedya' team is a rather unpleasant bunch of inexperienced political rookies who can barely keep up with the changes in policy, position and leadership of their own party.

'Low-Grade', epitomised.
Kids, playing in the big leagues. And so way out of their depth they can't see the surface.

Perfectly exemplified this week by a posting from one of those noobs, Dan Jukes, who describes his role as 'Digital'. We have no idea what he did for a living before working for Ukip, but it probably didn't involve reasoned, considered thought.

The thread began when veteran BBC journalist Jeremy Bowen tweeted his dismay at crowds on the Tube in London:
One responder suggested a few simple, logical reasons for such crowds:
This is of course, in addition to the Southern Rail Strike which also affected many in London.

One post stated the bleedin' obvious (well, to Londoners, anyway):
And naturally it wasn't too long before someone popped up to blame the Labour Party:

But the shark was jumped when Ukip's 'Digital', Dan Jukes, posted this, in direct response to Jeremy Bowen's tweet:
So apparently, a Rail Strike, a very busy night in one of the world's greatest cities, a huge Christmas shopping crowd in the West End, and the boost in Tourism are ALL DOWN TO IMMIGRATION.

Of course his loyal Ukip acolytes quickly picked up the thread;
By the way, "3rd world scum" and "Londonistan" are copyright and trademarked Britain First phrases, clearly indicating the calibre of Jukes' followers. He must be so proud.

Our response was, of course, to politely point out that such a knee-jerk response and automatically blaming such issues on migrants was so typically Ukip, but this chap just beat us to it:

Such is the level of reasoned argument in Ukip's 'Media Team'.

These amateurs (we can only guess) have been hired for their (cough) 'skill set' .. which appears to be pretty thin. Or perhaps these twenty-somethings have been recruited to offset the predominantly (and demographically demonstrable) 'old face' of Ukip.

Either way, They're being pretty well paid on our tax-payer dime to output this unprofessional garbage.

Oh, and just in case Jukes deletes his tweet ... here's the screencap.