Ukip Now Officially In Default On Fraud Repayment .. So What Next ?

The deadline passed today for Ukip to repay the €172,000 they were deemed to have illegally used from EU funds to finance UK Political Activities. You may recall Marine Le Pen's FN were raided by French Police back in February for the same offence.

Options available to the EU for this repayment are:

1. Withholding of further legitimate funding.
2. Withdrawal of facilities and security passes in Brussels.
3. Legal action.

We expect the EU to go with options 2. and 3. simultaneously, on the grounds that Ukip's conduct during this investigation has been one of continuous denial, non-compliance and refusal to recognise the legitimacy of the process. Thus, we hear, compliance is unlikely without leverage.

Oh, and yes .. there are still three further Fraud Investigations into Ukip running, for similair issues. The next expects to report back in mid January.