Lily Allen's Special 'Women's March' Version Of 'Going To A Town' ...

Okay, we'll admit we're not the greatest fans of Lily Allen's music. Or fashion. Or her 2 a.m. clubland paparazzi stunts. Helluva nice voice, though.

But her stand against Trump - and like many celebrities of various types, her willingness to put herself in a very visible firing line, and take all the flak - raises her credit in our eyes.

And then came this video. Okay, now, we're fans of Lily Allen.

Boy, some of the loony Far Right Wing comments on this YouTube page .. just shows exactly why this video is important. Whether you agree with her stance on Trump or not (and we do, of course) the fact that the response to this is numerous attacks on her personally ... neatly underlines the very point Ms Allen is making.

Nice to see, also that the cover version got a thumbs up from the original songwriter, Rufus Wainwright.