NB: If You're Going To Troll Us, Please At Least Do It Right ...

Wonderful fail today from .. someone. We have no idea who and we don't really care.

We get lots of threats, both threats of violence to ourselves and our families, when on occasion one of our Mods are identified.

But quite often we get legal threats of actions for libel or defamation. We've had these from Ukip Officials, Britain First Officials, and individual Neo Nazi extremists. It seems to be a popular response.

None of these threats have of course ever - ever - resulted in action.

Here's a rather amateur one we received yesterday. We received this email, form 'Annie' at S<redacted>S@protonmail.com:

Please can you send me details of your legal department?

Many thanks

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Rapidly followed by these two:

I need this information by 5 pm today. Do you share the same team as Hope not Hate?

Thank you

Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.


As per my two earlier requests...Please expedite now.

Thank you

Sent with ProtonMail Secure Email.

Seems quite insistent, doesn't she? Desperate for our attention, even. Honestly, whoever this 'Annie' is, do you think we're new at this game? If you're going to troll us by email at least do it right.

Anyway, we sent this in response. We toned down the sarcasm - in the circumstances we think we were very restrained :-)

'Annie' ... or whoever,

Errrr...... No.

1. We shall not provide such information to an anonymous email address sent via an anonymous server. We have no idea who you are.

2. You do not specify which posts you feel are "defamatory and have no basis of fact".
(Correct grammar is, of course, no basis 'in' fact.)

3. You do not specify who you are acting on behalf of, if indeed you are at all acting on behalf of anyone.

4. No legal professionals would even attempt such an amateurish approach. Our lawyers laughed when they read this. Quite a lot.

5. This really is not a road you want to go down. Whoever you may at some point claim to be acting on behalf of, we can assure you that the odds are pretty good that we have information on that organisation / group / party / individual that is far more damning than anything we've written or posted - information far too sensitive for social media but highly suitable for a court of law. It will be your, or your pretend client's, personal Pandora's Box.


The FRW Team


By the way, we have lawyers and barristers *queueing up* to assist us if ever required, pro bono. We're good, thanks :-)

Anyway, 'Annie' .. thank you for the comedy relief. But, Amateurs, eh? :-)


Sadly 'Annie' didn't learn when she was beaten and threw another hissy fit, reproduced here in full, complete with gramatical no-nos. Perhaps English is not her/his first language. But apparently the EU stole her paragraphs because this was all in one stream ...

"You are wrong. You haven't checked out the information which is 100% incorrect and being provided to you by people you haven't checked out at all. There are people that you are reliant upon because they have grudges against people. You are not employing due diligence at all.  Since you are ably supported by monied organisations such as Hope not Hate, then you have funds which you are going to require for out of court settlements. I will continue to screenshot for evidence and respond shortly."

We didn't bother with a reply. I mean .. where to start, even? :-)