Brexit - Won On Lies, Since Proven So. But Still, Article 50 Is Nigh ...

We have written long and often about the copious and prevalent media lies printed on the *cough* 'benefits' of leaving the EU.

We have constantly (along with countless others) busted most of these myths - which up to the Referendum, reached a total of 624 since 200. Yes, we counted.

The Daily Express - Number 1 Media Liars
But sadly we, nor others, have a millionaire owner behind us, or a staff of hundreds, or readers in the millions. These oft-proven lies, in the years and months leading up to the Referendum, were without doubt responsible for fooling many of the gullible to vote to leave the EU.

Just before the said Referendum, IPSO and others challenged a whole list of these falsehoods, hoping to achieve a public 'naming and shaming' before the public vote took place.

Brexit, encapsulated
The media titles involved, The Daily Express, The Daily Mail and The Sun, successfully delayed the process until after the vote, hence the resultant expected myth-busting was lost in the furore of the the post-Referendum news.

The Daily Express is the worst offender. In fact, our analysis of IPSO rulings concludes that the Daily Express (owner and driven by Brexit-eer and Ukip donor, porn baron and tax-dodger Richard Desmond) was the Number 1 offender in false stories, on four main themes: Immigration, Muslims, the EU and of course, Brexit.

These media titles have been filled over the last year or two with multiple retractions, deletions and apologies, all detailed on the IPSO site.

All too late, now of course. Despite most of such stories having been exposed as false, the result itself, driven by these falsehoods, has to stand.

This, apparently, is called democracy - where millionaire media owners, such as Desmond and Murdoch, can dictate the argument, lie to the people and win a Referendum - with virtually no come-backs.

No doubt these same titles will have images of waving Union Jacks on their pages tomorrow, with tales of a bright and wonderful future outside the EU. Those tales are as dubious as anything they've printed in the lead up to Brexit.

Are we 'moaners' ? Are we being anti-British? We've been accused of the very same. We're realists. We believe that trading a known quantity, however faulty, for a completely unforeseen, unpredictable future entirely in the hands of this Conservative Government is foolhardy in the extreme.

We are heading into dark, uncertain times.

And if anyone tells you what the future looks like - they're a liar.