From @ResistingHate : Fascism – A Discussion ...

With so much confusion and misunderstanding on what Fascism is, this clarification piece from @ResistingHate is timely and we concur in full.
"When people think of fascism, thoughts often turn to militarism and the associated iconography of Nazism; the black swastika on a white disc in a blood-red flag; the eagle grasping a wreathed swastika; runic letters that speak of ancient cultural roots. For others it is the holocaust; the murder and suffering of the Jews and before the Jews, the gypsies and Roma, homosexuals, Socialists and Trades Unionists. Fewer people think of or are even aware of the T4 programme – the post war designation of a programme initiated very soon after the Nazis came to power in 1933."
Full article is here at Resisting Hate and well worth absorbing.