The Rise of Far Right Terrorism - Radio Interview ...

We did a live Radio Spot with Talk2MERadio, on the Rise of Far Right Terrorism.

It's usually the haunt of Jon Gaunt, thankfully we were interviewed by the slightly more lucid and debateable Nick Margerrison standing in. Our piece starts at 31:30. I think we stood our ground. Enjoy.

" A record number of white terror suspects were arrested last year, and the controlled media tells us that the far right is on the rise! Nick Margerrison, standing in for Jon Gaunt, isn't so sure. Isn't the real threat, the one that isn't being talked about in the media, the threat of radical Islam? Real fascism is driving a lorry into a Christmas market in Berlin to support your beliefs, or cutting a girl's genitals because you think she shouldn't enjoy sex! Voting for Brexit does not make you a fascist! Nick spoke to John O'Connell from Far Right Watch, to hear why he thinks we SHOULD be worried about a rise in white supremacist fascism across the West! "