Our Heroes, Dicks and Laughs for the Month, February 2017 ...

Belatedly (before we do one for March, here's our quick review of February ...

Hero of the Month

No contest: Labour MEP Seb Dance, with this sign in the EU Parliament ...

Honourable Mentions ...

Elizabeth Rooney, a Boston cop who told Trump she'd "dress like a woman" when he started "acting like a President".

The prankster who handed out Russia flags with Trump's name at a republican Rally, causing Security to collect them up.

French Presidential Candidate Emmanuel Macron finally said about Marine Le Pen what everyone knew - she "hates faces that are different from hers."

Dick of the Month

No contest again: Trump, with his Muslim Ban, which entailed that 'threats' were detained at airports, including among others, a disabled wheelchair bound couple in the eighties, noted scientists and historians, a world-renowned heart surgeon, an Australian childrens author, a British footballer, a Victoria Cross winning British soldier, and a five year old child, who was handcuffed. It caused chaos, heartbreak and demonstrations at airports across the USA.

Honourable Mentions ...

Trump Spokeswoman Kellyanne Conway, who invented an Islamic Terror Attack that never happened.

Ukip MEP Jane Collins, who libelled Labour MPs over the Rotherham issue and ended up owing £162,000 in libel damages plus £320,000 in legal costs.

The Tory MPs, led by Phillip Davies, who tried (and failed) to block a Commons Bill to fight Domestic Violence.

Right Wing 'Commentator' Milo, who tried to redefine what 'sexual assault' was, in defence of allegations against Donald Trump.

And Fox News, who, trying to shore up Trump's claim on Terrorism in Sweden, invited on an 'expert' who no-one had ever heard of, and was exposed as a fake shortly afterwards.

Laugh of the Month

A runaway winner - Paul Nuttall's own quotation about his future after his expensive and unsuccessful attempt to get himself elected as an MP in Stoke. "! am not going anywhere.". Quite.

Honourable Mentions ...

This Ukip car used in canvassing in the Stoke ByElection where Paul Nuttall was routed.

This Parade Float in the German 'RosetTag' Parade, summarising Brexit perfectly.