Our Heroes, Dicks and Laughs for the Month, March 2017 ...

Hero of the Month

Campaigner Jack Monroe, for suing Katie Hopkins for libel - and winning easily. Monroe faced a torrent of abuse and hate for standing up to the Witch, which continues unabated. Hopkins of course, never even turned up for one day of her libel trial. It's yet another payout on behalf of Hopkins' lies, following the massive Daily Mail payout to the Mahmood Family after her last libel.

Honourable Mentions ...

The German Police, who are finally prosecuting the many Far Right atrocities in Germany under the banner of Terrorism.

Emmanuel Macron, who started a brand new Social, Liberal, Centrist Political Party just last year, and is now the favourite to become France's next President.

The unnamed Treasury Official who possibly risked his job by leaking this report, with the truth on Brexit.

Dick of the Month

Donald Trump, for pointedly refusing to symbolically shake hands with Germany's President Merkel. It's a long-established tradition. It's polite. He heard the requests and chose to ignore them.

Honourable Mentions ...

Hungarian Prime Minister (and Putin puppet) Viktor Orbán, who started channelling 1930s-style 'Aryan' and 'Pure Race' propaganda about what he called 'ethnic homogeneity'.
Polish MEP (and friend and ally of Ukip's Nigel Farage) Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who already has form for Nazi beliefs and 'Seig-heils' in the EU Parliament, said that 'women should be paid less, as they are weaker, smaller and less intelligent.'

Tories Brexit and International Trade Minister Liam Fox, who flatly denied sending a controversial tweet while it was actually being displayed 10 feet wide behind him.

This Trump supporter among many at an Arizona Trump Rally who clarified the agenda of those who voted for him succinctly, by calling for 'Liberal Genocide and Deportation of Jews'

And, again (two months in a row!) Trump Spokesperson Kellyanne Conway, who was laughed at around the world for claiming that Obama bugged Donald Trump through his microwave oven. Yeah, she really said that.

And finally ...

Laugh of the Month

Poor sad Nigel Farage, getting 'knighted' by a kid on the Putin TV Network 'Russia Today'. It's the closest he'll ever get. She also asked him if he 'hated foreigners'. A surprisingly clued-up kid.

Honourable Mentions ...

Trump advisor Steve Bannon, who's made false claims on Breitbart about 'multiple registration voter fraud' and who came under investigation for, you guessed it, 'multiple registration voter fraud'. In the end he wasn't charged but it shut him up.

Nigel Farage, again, said to be livid after being missed off the 'MEP's Who Matter' list because ... he's 'past his peak'.
Still with Ukip, who have provided a lot of laughs this month, the effective Party owner Arron Banks, who got suspended from his own party - and now wants his money back. Good luck with that.

And Dutch Racist (convicted of such, so we can say that as fact) Geert Wilders, who claimed he was going to win the Dutch Election .. but was soundly beaten. Netherlands has formed a four party coalition .. without Wilders Party, PVV.