Our Heroes, Dicks and Laughs for the Month, April 2017 ...

Hero Of The Month

NO CONTEST: Birmingham resident Saffiyah Khan, for her smiling defiance against the EDL 'Leader' Ian Crossland alias jailbird Phil Derrin. Note how the police officer in the image has a restraining hand on Crossland's fist. We wonder what his intention was? Even ex-leader "Tommy Robinson" (alias Stephen Yaxley Lennon and another jailbird) thought it was embarrassing for the EDL.

Meanwhile, of course the EDL 'Rally' was a washout and was countered with a massive 'Best of British' Community Tea Party. The image was brilliantly caught by Joe Giddens for the Press Association.

Honourable Mentions ...
The Electoral Commission, who are finally investigating the very shady foreign finances behind Ukip and Arron Bank's Brexit Group, Leave.EU. This could be interesting, Rumours of Eastern European cash have been flying around for ages. Hopefully we'll find out.

Still Emmanuel Macron, who started a brand new Social, Liberal, Centrist Political Party just last year. Despite baseless personal attacks, numerous Russian threads creating false stories about him, and Marine Le Pen's failed effort at 'rebranding', he's still comfortably holding his position as favourite.

The mysterious hackers who brought down Britain First's web page, YouTube site and Twitter accounts in one day. It apparently cost Britain First £4300 to fix, and they've had to start re-uploading their hate-filled content back, much of which is lost forever since their old webmaster did a runner.

Dick Of The Month

Nathan Damigo - or 'Fashy Haircut' as he's known on Twitter, who founded White Supremacist Hate Group 'Identity Evropa'. A prominent Trump Campaigner, not content with being dishonourably discharged from the US Marines and then serving 5 years jail time for a racially-motivated violent robbery, the 'brave warrior' attended a Protest Rally in Berkeley, California on April 15th. Mostly he stood back from the action - until he saw a lone slightly-built female. And brave warrior that he is, he waded straight in and sucker-punched her. He's spent most of his time since either trying to 'spin' the incident as being 'self-defence' - or being very proud of it.

Honourable Mentions ...
Ukip Councillor Chris Adams, who proudly represents the 'Birthplace of the Paralympics' ... caught out fraudulently using a Disabled Blue Badge. Once again proving that honesty, ethics and integrity are optional when it comes to choosing Ukip Candidates.
Another Ukip Candidate, Schneur Odze, who not merely content with stealing Electoral registration Papers in the past, has now gravitated to burning a Hebrew New Testament Bible - and posting it on Twitter. Because it's 'not his faith or his book'. 

Jean-François Jalkh, named as Leader (during her attempted rebranding) of Le Pen's Front National. That is, until his comments on the Holocaust came to light. With revelations of his attendance at a Neo-Nazi Rally as well, he lasted less than 24 hours before being replaced.

And finally ...

Laugh Of The Month

Ukip Candidate Gisela Allen of Glasgow. She thinks we're headed for World War III, wants to abolish golf, build more riding stables, force women with children to stay at home and get the elderly to walk more by removing their bus travel. She's a big fan of castration and flogging, and she wants to bring back the guillotine. She also finds gorillas very sexy. Views, you think, she'd keep to herself, but no: She ranted all about it in a long interview. Yes, we know she's very elderly and very confused - but she's running for elected office under a Ukip rosette, vetted and approved by them. Her words - and Ukip's choice to select her.

Honourable Mentions ...
Tory Edwina Currie, who questioned why "3 million children can be going hungry" while we have an "epidemic of child obesity" - to have it pointed out that there's actually a lot of children in the UK and they don't all actually live in the same house.
Labour MP Gisela Stuart, who as a migrant here has taken advantage of every privilege available, but has spent the last 2 years campaigning for Brexit to deny those rights to others. She announced she is another in a long list of Brexiteers not brave enough to face re-election.

Still with Ukip, the un-named local Councillor who lost a seat by default in Suffolk because they couldn't actually spell the Party Name on the Form. Seriously. We really can't make this stuff up.