Our Heros, Dicks and Laughs for the Month, July 2017 ...

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Heros Of The Month

Professor Mary Beard, OBE, FSA, FBA, scholar and classicist, Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge, a fellow of Newnham College, and Royal Academy of Arts Professor of Ancient Literature.

She dived into an argument on Social Media about black soldiers in the Roman Army. She's a bit of an expert in this field yet was contradicted by Conspiracy Theorist and 'Video Blogger' Paul Watson, a close friend of key Ukip and 'WestmonsterUK' staff. For context : Paul Watson also believes there's a Child Sex Slave Colony. On Mars.

Even Ukip owner Arron Banks chipped in with his mansplaining, siding with Watson despite archaeological evidence, of course, proving Mary Beard quite correct.

Remember, this is the Ukip who's sole MP at the time (now gone back to the Tories, of course) claimed the Sun caused the tides and not the Moon.

Honourable Mentions ...

On the same story as above, Twitter user @MikeStuchbery was actually the first to dive in and yes, he's a historian too. We like Mike. A recommended follow from us. Facts? He has them, along with a nice line in dry sarcasm.
As they say, not all heros wear capes. This one rides a moped and delivers pizzas. Nothing special in that, of course, but this right was in the middle of the G20 Riots in Hamburg. Greater love hath no man that he should drop off a Meat Feast Special under fire.
Football Presenter Gary Lineker, who chimed in with a perfect 'When Two Stories Collide' tweet. A supporter of Refugee Rights, he posted this when the new Doctor Who was revealed to be a female, to the expected phlematic anger from the Daily Mail Crowd.

The Boy Scouts of America, who apologised to the Nation after being subjected to a politicall charged and offensive speech by Donald Trump which was described as like a rant by a 'drunken stepfather'.

Nick Lowles, of Hope Not Hate, for his success in his campaign to force fundraising site Patreon, to close accounts used by Far Right Group 'Defend Europe', who were using the cash to charter a ship in the Mediterranean Sea to interfere with if not actually sabotage Humanitarian Rescue Efforts.

Dicks Of The Month

Chancellor (yes, really) Phillip Hammond, the personality-devoid bean counter, who stated that all Public Sector employees - that would include nurses, police, firefighters, teachers, etc - were in his words, "overpaid". In the same meeting he stated that "driving a train was so easy even a woman could do it."

Hammond, of course, living in a "grace and favour" house at 11 Downing Street, pays nothing, while he continues to rent out his own property(s), earning a reported £10,000 a month.

If only we could award TWO 'Dicks'.

Honourable Mentions ...

The Brexit Negotiation Team, for their consistent and continuous lack of progress, exemplified by this image, where the EU Team have their position papers ready to go to work, while David Davis and his minions have nothing at all ready. A perfect allegorical image for Brexit.

The Daily Mail for their story on Tax Avoidance by varous BBC presenters. Much as we like to see such stories in the news, it's odd to see them from the Daily Mail, who's owner Lord Rothermere is non-domicile for tax purposes - while the Mail's Holding Company itself is actually registered in Bermuda. What patritism, eh?

This Entire Family who attended an Orange Order bash in Glasgow dressed as Hitler, Eva Braun, and two Jewish Concentration Camp children. Images were taken in (it's thought) 2013 but have only just surfaced.

The Daily Express, for being forced to retract and apologise for one of it's worst fake stories ever, fabricated from start to finish, about activist James Ellison. In short, not only did he not 'start fires in Calais' the Express conceded he hadn't even been to Calais for several months. Damages and legal cost were paid.

Nazi thug Jack Renshaw, arrested, charged and committed for trial over his many AntiSemitic Speeches in which he calls for "Jews to be eradicated.". Renshaw has a long history, from his support of the English Defence League to his appearance in a BNP Youth Wing video before his University days (he was kicked out). Finally in the dock.

4th Viscount St Davids, aka Rhodri Colwyn Philipps, a Brexit Campaigner, who was jailed for 12 weeks after offering £5000 to anyone who'd kill Remain Campaigner Gina Miller. He also called Guyana-born Miller a 'boat jumper' who should 'go back to the stinking jungle'. Nice chap.

Ciarán Maxwell, who brought shame on his former Royal Marines colleagues by supplying arms to the IRA. He was rightly jailed for 18 years. 43 separate weapons caches were found. Maxwell handed over handguns, stolen military ammunition, homemade bombs and a dossier of over 300 potential targets.

Footballer Lionel Messi - great as he is - for his illegal Tax Dodging to the tune of €4.1m. Sentenced to 21 months in prison, he was able (as most aren't) to pay his way out of it for €252,000, in addition to the fine of €2m and repayment of €5m. A perfect example of "one rule for them, one for us."
Ukip Wales MEP Michelle Brown, who called Labour MP Chuka Umunna a 'coconut'.  Brown stated that she was merely "using language that friends and colleagues often do." Far from taking any action, Ukip Chairman Paul Oakden stated that this racial slur did not in anyway constitute a breach of Ukip Party Rules and of course no action was taken.

Laughs Of The Month

Bile-mouthed Katie Hopkins, a regular on these pages, who was caught bullshitting again. In the middle of stories concerning 'Generation Identity' attempts to interfere with Humanitarian Rescue Work in the Mediterranean, Hopkins proudly wrote how she spend time onboard with a charity called Save The Children ... who promptly replied that they'd never met her.

In true Daily Mail fashion, her false article was of course shelved and deleted soon afterwards.

Honourable Mentions ...

Ukip Leadership Candidate John Rees-Evans, (Yes, the gay donkey guy. That one) who entreated his followers (few enough) to 'Be The Government". Rather amusing, to 'be the government' for a Party with zero MPs.

Anthony Scaramucci, appointed as Trump's White House Communications Director, and supposedly the 'saviour' of Trump's Team ... who set a new record for being fired after just 7 days - before he'd even had a chance to be sworn in.

Ukip's Nigel Farage (we had to get him in here somewhere) for once again displaying his naivety by holding up a placard on camera. We forget (as most people did) what was on it but revelled in the photoshops that resulted, which were many, varied and imaginative.

Ukip Councillor Beverley Martin, who defected to the Tories (as most of them do) and so losing Ukip the only body of any sort they ever controlled. Ukip won Thanet Council on one promise, to solve the Manston Airport problem, on which of course they've failed.

And finally, the Generation Identity chartered ship, the C-Star, intent on interfering with Humanitarian Rescue Work in the Mediterranean of those agencies helping migrants ... was found to be smuggling migrants. 9 people were deported back to Sri Lanka. A perfect start to the votages of the disastrous C-Star, which later had to be rescued itself ... by the Humanitarian Agencies.