Our Heros, Dicks and Laughs for the Month, October 2017 ...

Heros Of The Month

This month, unchallenged, is the wonderful Madeleine Kay, the EU Supergirl, escorted out of a Brexit Conference in Brussels  Madeleine is a staunch Remain Campaigner from Sheffield who, by being so visible, has made herself the target of a great deal of vitriol from Brexit'eeres. If they're angry, she must be doing it right. You can find her on Twitter at @albawhitewolf - give her a follow:-)

Honourable Mentions ...

Whoever created this grotesque but accurate carnival float as a portrayal of Brexit and those who promote it. Amazing work.

Malala Yousafzai, who, almost 5 years to the day after being targeted and shot in the head in Pakistan by Muslim Extremists, started college in Oxford. What a long and inspirational journey for her.
Mike Stuchbery (yes, again) a regular interlocutor of ours on Twitter, for summarisng so perfectly why he does what he does, and why we do what we do, and why Social Media is the real, new battleground. We couldn't put it better ourselves.

US Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who announced that he would not defend his seat - and in doing so delivered the most devastating anti-Trump speech heard from a Republican. We foresee many breaking ranks over the next year as their seats come under pressure.

Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson), Professor of Journalism, who took the time (as he does often, and as too few do) to fully analyze the White House output. Here, he provides an itemized list of every lie Sarah Huckabee Sanders told America on behalf of the President in her press briefing.

Dicks Of The Month

The bosses at American-based 'Costume' Company '@funcostumes' who marketed this Anne Frank for Halloween, on the website HalloweenCostumes.com, .eu, and .uk. How unbelievably crass and insensitive. It was flagged to us, and along with others, we brought it to the attention of the company and US media, forcing the items removal from sale with 8 hours.

Honourable Mentions ...

Foreign Secretary (still) Boris Johnson. In addition to his previous "Congolese people have watermelon smiles", "flag-waving piccaninnies" and Guinea being "full of cannibals" he joked this month about making war-torn Libya a new 'Dubai'. All that was needed, he said, was to "clear away all the dead bodies first"

Donald J Trump (Junior) who used his own daughter to make a crass and ill-informed tweet about Socialism, in doing so exposed how little he understands Politics, Life, or the fact that he's been given every position he's had and everything he owns. Needless to say, he was re-educated by everyone.

Members of Far Right National Action, who finally appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court under various charges, mainly relating to offences under the Terrorism Act, including plotting to murder Labour MP Rose Cooper. We enjoyed being in the Gallery for the hearing. Trial is set for April, 2018.

Another mass killing in USA, this time in Las Vegas. Stephen Paddock opened fire on a Country Music Festival and murdered 58 people, with 546 injured, in just 10 minutes of shooting. America's 'hopes and prayers' are sounding more and more hollow each time.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the ultra-Christian Conservative and Brexit Myth spreader, caught in yet another Tory Hypocrisy as it emerged that the Anti-Abortion (even after rape) preacher invests in companies making pills widely used in illegal abortions in Indonesia. Principles are principles, but cash is cash.

Ukip 'Activist' and serial losing Candidate Caroline Santos who, after the Harvey Weinstein allegations, took to her blog and wrote a rather long, ascerbic post defending him. It's probably unconnected to Santos' close friendship with former Ukip Chairman Arthur Thackeray, a 10-times convicted sex predator.

Laughs Of The Month

Without doubt, the most inept, chaotic, disorganised and gaffe-prone Tory Party Conference ever seen. From the coughing fits, the collapsing letters, and a prankster "asked by Boris Johnson" to give Theresa May her P45. Was there ever a more perfect display of the bumbling, bungling GOvernment? We could cry, but we've chosen to laugh.

Honourable Mentions ...

Poor Tommy Robinson, who was invited by College Republicans to give a presentation at Columbia University (New York). Travel restrictions from his Passport Fraud meant he's not allowed in the USA, so he gave it by Skype, only for it to be stopped by protestors, leaving Tommy staring dejectedly from the screen.

Kevin Wilshaw, a name long known to us, came up with the biggest laugh - and shock - of the month as the former National Front name and notorious Neo Nazi about-turned, called Racism 'rubbish' and simultaneously coming out as both Gay and Jewish.
The unknown manufacturers of this Halloween mask, who inadvertently (?) placed the 'bar code' on the reverse of this Trump mask in such a position ...

The current IMPOTUS Donald Trump, who for years has been bragging about his original Renoir "Two Sisters (On The Terrace)" that he paid countless millions for. Turns out the 'savvy negotiator' was conned, and it's a fake, says the Chicago Institute of Art, who have had the original hanging in their gallery for eight decades.

Britain First's Jayda Fransen, who constantly spouts how Immigrants must obey our laws, arrested yet again for breaking our laws. She's currenty out on bail and as of November 19th, was arrested yet again. Such repeated breaches of bail will land her in jail.

Ukip 'leader' Henry Bolton, decrying that the "indigenous Anglo-Saxons' are almost nowhere to be seen". He was quickly schooled in a little bit of basic History of our land, where the Angle-Saxon era ended 1000 years ago with the influx of a Norman aristocracy.
Ukip again, with their illinformed MEP Gerard Batten, who stated that English (which has been part of the compulsory education curriculum for 6 decades "was not taught in our schools".

And finally, our favourite of the month, as co-leaders of the Green Party Caroline Lucas and Jonathan Bartley posted the only reaction possible when the Tories claimed in a Social Media post that they were the "first and most ambitious Green Party in the land."