The Secret Brexit Reports Should Be Published. Now, And In Full ...

David Davis, unlikely to be smiling
much in the next few days
When a Government commissions 58 reports on the Brexit Impact on every aspect of our society and economy, that's a most reasonable step to take.

When the same Government then denies such reports actually exist, that smells a bit.

When the same Government fights tooth and nail to keep the reports hidden from the general public, that frankly stinks to high heaven.

When the Minister responsible, David Davis, defies a binding and unanimous vote by MPs demanding that the information be handed over in full, that's a mountain of manure visible from France.

Davis has now been threatened with Contempt of Parliament for his refusal to make these files public. That's actually quite a serious charge against the person supposedly responsible for our post Brexit Economic welfare. Davis has now been ordered by speaker John Bercow to appear before the Brexit Select Committee to explain his actions.
“I think when it is suggested that that meeting should be soon, it means soon, not weeks hence. It means very soon indeed. No other diarised engagement is more important than respecting the house, and in this case the committee of the house, which has ownership of this matter and to which the papers were to be provided,” said Bercow.
This rather flowery language, roughly translated from Westminster-speak to normal, means "Be there, with a full explanation, or face very serious consequences."

David Davis is between the devil and the deep blue. Whichever way he falls, he loses. It's a perfect little example of how screwed up are both the entire Brexit process and this Government's handling of it.