This Year As Every Year - No 'K' For St Nigel ...

And so, this time of year comes round, and we have the annual Ukip whingeing that their dearest ex-ex-ex-leader hasn't been given the big K, or beatified as a saint at the very least.

"Sadly, poor Nigel Farage of Ukip has been overlooked, once again for his rightful Knighthood." as Ukip claim - well, mostly acolytes and employees of Nigel claim, and mostly on the express orders of Nigel.

No, it's not an orchestrated campaign at all. No, Ukip's last remaining resources aren't being redirected purely to get NF his K. Not at all.

He even claimed that 'supporting Brexit' has 'cost him a knighthood'. No, Nigel, you have to earn one first before it 'costs you'.

So what has Nigel 'done' to deserve his Knighthood? Let us count the ways ...
We could go on for three pages, or even thirty-three, but you get the picture. Farage has in fact, done nothing - nothing - positive to benefit this nation.

These are not the actions of a man worthy of any honour. At all.

"Oh, but surely he's 'Mr Brexit' isn't he?" we hear you cry. We'll, five of you.

No, he really isn't. He's been called that by US Media, by Trump, and even by The Telegraph. But of course, Farage was very specifically and pointedly EXCLUDED from the official Vote Leave Campaigns, by the express wish of every senior official in the Campaign. He was, correctly, deemed 'too toxic'.

He was in fact, "Mr Jeezus-Christ-No-Don't-Touch-It-With-Bargepole'.

And it is rather strange, is it not, after Farage has spent two decades railing against the 'unelected elite' (his words) ... that he and his loyal followers are so upset that he won't now actually become one.

The only bonus in this is that this time of year it brings us all a little cheer to see him overlooked and frothing about it.

Merry Christmas :-)

Poor, sad Nigel. Still, there's always next year, eh?