#Ukip's #Farage ... 'Skint' ? What World Does He Live In ... ?

It's true, Nigel Farage claimed this week he was "skint, separated, and can’t walk in London alone."

Well. Let's examine that.


True. This is due to his serial womanising, well documented, including obtaining cushy, rather well paid jobs for his ex-squeezes, much to the continuous chagrin of his long-suffering wife.

If he can't keep it in his pants (which he's demonstrated a long inability to do so) he has only himself to blame. We were as shocked as anybody that he didn't outright blame the EU. That's gotta be a first.

"Can't walk in London alone"

Probably true. Well, that's what happens when you spend 2 decades inspiring and inciting hatred of minorities, with falsehoods, false data and constant derogatory phrases.

This is what happens when you complain about 'foreign languages' on a train yet work in Brussels and refuse to speak their languages. This is what happens when you turn up late and blame migrants for the traffic. This is what happens when you not only allow racist and violent Hate Speech in your Party, but excuse it and cover for it.

You become rather unpopular. Who knew?

Meanwhile, many of various races and faiths find it difficult to walk in cities alone due to the sharp rise in Racist Violence he has inspired and excused away.


Farage is in fact not only very much not 'skint', but statistically is within the top 2.5% richest persons in the country.

He has:
  • A £ 70,000k+ annual salary, from a job he rarely turns up for. He's had this job for 2 decades.
  • He has to pay out very little, as despite appearing so rarely, he claims everything he possibly can as allowances and expenses. As such, his £ 70,000k+ is all in his pocket.
  • £ 58,000 just this year from US appearances, from the Republican Party, various SuperPACs,  Fox News, and other media outlets. None of this reaches our shores as taxable income, of course.
  • In addition, it has been estimated that Farage has an annual income of at least £180,000 on top his MEP salary and expenses, at least £60,000 of which comes from unknown sources
  • An £ 85,000 annual pension, guaranteed. It's one of the things we'll have to keep paying for after #Brexit.
  • £ 2.2 Million in untaxed offshore accounts in British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Bermuda. This is a conservative figure, it could be up to £ 3.9 Million, but uniquely among 'top politicians', he alone refuses to publish his tax details.
  • £5.9m in property owned outright. He has 3 properties, with no outstanding mortgages or lien against any of them, including a £3.7m London townhouse where his current mistress, a French ex cocktail waitress, lives.

Shed no tears for poor Nigel. His favourite wine (yes, he's a wine man, the beer is for the media) costs more per bottle in his regular Strasbourg eatery than British pensioners get per week.

'Skint'? He's rolling. And smug, with it.