And So, Farewell to #Ukip's Henry Bolton ...

Bye, 'Enry.
Ukip have ditched their Party Leader (yes, another one). Henry Bolton was ousted last night by a big majority - 867 to 500 - after a Motion of No Confidence at a Crisis Meeting (...yes, another one) in Birmingham. He was their 4th Leader in 18 months.

(It seems every Ukip Meeting is a Crisis Meeting these days.)

Bolton has since suggested he may well pursue Legal Action of some form to challenge the ruling.

Batten - The
Extremist's Estremist
Meanwhile the Leadership has been handed over to extremist (and rampant islamophobe / homophobe) Gerard Batten, a man who considers Islam a 'Death Cult'.

It's not so long ago that Anne Marie Waters was ostracised from #Ukip for saying the same. Now, apparently, the same view gets you appointed Leader. So, the 'moderate' choice, then.

So as Batten becomes the 5th Leader in 18 months, a new Leadership election (one that Ukip can barely afford, but have to hold) will be held within 90 days, for their 6th Leader in 21 months.

In short, the clowns rotate ... but the circus continues.

Marney - still claims to be an
'actor and presenter'.
Poor 'Enry - who compared himself to Princess Diana - meanwhile has confirmed his plans to 'reconcile' with proud, self-confessed racist Jo Marney ... not that he ever split from her.

It is rather ironic, too, that with #Ukip on #Brexit ranting that 'a vote was cast, you can't have a second vote, the choice was made" etc ... they seem a lot more flexible when it comes to their own internal arrangements.

UPDATE: 22/2/2018

Rather than "pursue Legal Action of some form to challenge the ruling" Henry Bolton has now quit the Party, and indeed Politics, for good.