Identifying Fascism - A '14 Points' For Modern Times ...

Fascism ... NeoNazism ... 'Populism' .. Call it what you will.

Back in 1981, Dr. Lawrence Brit created the original '14 Points of Fascism', after examining the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia) and several Latin American regimes.

But the Political Far Right has become far more subtle. In the 21st Century, new tactics - and thus, new warning signs - have emerged. It is time for a new list, encompassing those changes.

From various sources and our own observations, we suggest a new collection ...
  1. Discrediting and Undermining of the Elected Officials and Independent Bodies;
  2. Discrediting and Undermining of the Judicial System;
  3. Discrediting and Undermining of the Free Press;
  4. Creation of Alternative Media Outlets for Propaganda Usage;
  5. Attempts to bypass the Legislative / Parliamentary Process;
  6. Hyper-Militarism, Military Language and Symbolism;
  7. Xenophobia and Racism of all forms;
  8. Attacks on Soceity's Marginalized;
  9. Constant Appeals to a Glorious, often Imagined, Past;
  10. Threats to 'Crush' Perceived Enemies;
  11. Blaming Foreign Powers for Domestic Problems;
  12. Promises of Future Greatness Under a Single Charismatic Leader;
  13. Demands for Complete Loyalty to the Leader;
  14. Demands for Allegiance to National Symbolism;