Inside America's Premier Terrorist Group, 'Atomwaffen' ...

From the independent, nonprofit newsroom ProPublica today is an expose of the American White Supremacist group Atomwaffen, a group who's members across 23 states are responsible for numerous murders.

ProPublica have managed to get hold of the forum chat logs. There are some choice quotes from the Terrorist Group ...
"... rats and traitors get the rope first."

"... joining us means serious dedication not only to the Atomwaffen Division and its members, but to the goal of Total Aryan Victory."

"... you [meaning members] would want to target things like: Substations, water filtration plants, etc" .. I have "a map of the US power grid." "West-coast only,” "Classified map. Had someone with special permissions get it."

[Discussing blowing up natural gas lines] "... you put a home-made thermite grenade on those."

[On destroying electricity infrastructure] "... would by default take out the internet because it relies on power to operate."

"... gas the kikes, race war now!" 

"... we’re only going to inspire more ‘copycat crimes’ in the name of AWD. All we have to do is spread our image and our propaganda."

[Members would now be required to join 'Front Sight'] "... a private combat training facility" outside of Las Vegas with classes in "Uzi and full auto M16 combat, as well as knife fighting, hand to hand combat."

The full article is here.