Is Trump Interfering in The American Justice System? Yes. Is It Legal? Probably Not ...

Trump - In Full Panic Mode
Trump's cartoon-autocrat pronouncement that Democrats who didn’t applaud him are “treasonous” and his ongoing attempts to destroy the integrity of the FBI and other nonpartisan decision-makers say that yes, he is meddling, probably illegally, in the Justice System that America relies on.

His “treasonous” remark is the classic language of dictators :
“Populists from Russia’s Vladimir Putin to Hungary’s Viktor Orban always claim that they - and they alone - represent the true people; anybody who disagrees with them, they say is a 'traitor',”
says Harvard scholar and democracy expert Yascha Mounk.
“With these remarks, Trump is squarely following in their footsteps. In his book, there’s nothing like a loyal opposition. Since he fancies himself the spokesman for all true Americans, anybody who opposes him is by definition ... a 'traitor'.”
However, Trump’s antics, which are getting less clever and more nakedly aggressive with time, can also be seen as evidence of sheer panic.

We know he also has reason to be fearful of an interview with the Special Counsel. His lawyers are concerned that the president, who has a history of making false statements and contradicting himself, could be charged with lying to investigators. When your lawyers are letting it be known that you’re a compulsive liar and are in danger of either confessing to obstruction of justice or committing perjury, you might feel just a tinge frantic.

Trump can surely decline to be interviewed ... but then Mueller would have little choice but to subpoena him. At that point, Trump can go in front of the Grand Jury. alone with no teleprompter, no 'script, and no defense lawyers allowed. Popcorn time.

Special Counsel Mueller doesn’t care what the Republican voter base believes, or what Trump’s approval rating is. He doesn’t care if Trump insults Congressmen. Mueller is following the law and the facts, slowly encircling Trump.

Panic, come to think of it, is a perfectly rational response to the trap in which Trump finds himself.

[From the Washington Post]