Our Heros, Villains and Laughs For The Month - January 2018 ...

Heros Of The Month

The unnamed Whitehall officials at the Department for Exiting the EU (DexEU), who leaked the Brexit Impact Reports. These would clearly have been covered up had they not done so.

The reports concluded UK Growth would sharply decline in each and any of three possible Brexit scenarios it modelled, regardless of the terms of its departure from the EU.

The document was reportedly presented to key Cabinet ministers in one-to-one meetings ahead of a Brexit sub-committee - and was not intended to be made public. But we have a right to know the truth, and thanks to these experts, we know.

Honourable Mentions ...

Navajo Democrat Lawmaker, Eric Descheenie, who chose not to respond with hate when the target of racist abuse from Trump fans. 'Get Out of the Country" he was told, while being asked if he was in the country illegally. Navajos have been indigent to USA for at least 3500 years.

Footballer Cyril Regis, MBE, who died aged 59. Originally from French Guiana, he was one of a select group of groundbreaking black footballers in the UK. He scored 158 goals in 6q14 professional appearances, but was subject constantly to racist abuse in every ground he played at.

Villains Of The Month

Tommy Robinson aka Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka Paul Harris aka Andrew McMaster, and Paul Golding / Jayda Fransen of Britain First, both of whom's media and personal direct messages inspired Darren Osborne to commit a horrendous terrorist attack at Finsbury Park Mosque. He was jailed for 43 years.

Robinson, aka etc, formerly of street thugs English Defence League, is currently a 'journalist' (unaccredited) with Rebel TV, a Canadian based Far Right 'Media Outlet', described as a "global platform" for anti-Muslim ideology. Golding and Jansen are awaiting a verdict and sentencing on their trial (one of many) for Religiously Aggravated Harassment, due on 7th March.

One day they will learn that their hate speech has consequences.

Honourable Mentions ...

Windsor Conservatives who's plan to fine homeless persons in the borough £100 each, attracted huge outcry. It was to clear the homeless out for the Royal Wedding in June. Leader Simon Dudley claimed 'homeless were there by personal choice'. The plan was dropped.
Ukip's 'Media Chap' Gawain Towler, who claimed on Social Media that "his sergeants always called him 'Sir'". Unaware of a 'military career' of Towler's, and after fakery of a 'military career' of Henry Bolton, we asked for details, many times. None were forthcoming. We assume .. WALT.

Laughs Of The Month

Ukip's Nigel Farage who's been hurt where he feels it most - by having his salary docked, after his Fraud in mis-spending public funds.

OLAF Financial Controllers have been investigating the role of Christopher Adams (among many) who was hired by Farage to work in the EU Parliament as his "assistant". Auditors suspended Adams’ contract last year, because he was working on UK Political Business. Other Ukip figures have gone to jail, been forced to quit, or leave the party, for similair frauds.

This is also the same fraud that France's Marine Le Pen is charged with.

Honourable Mentions ...

Hate Preacher 'Hatie Katie' who posted an image of herself with a target emblem and commented 'This is how it feels to be a white conservative woman". It elicited this reply from @YankeeGunner, to whit, "Perfect analogy, because that's not a real target and you've put it there yourself."

German Far Right Politician Arthur Wagner of the highly Islamophobic Far Right AfD Party, who QUIT his role with the Party .. and then converted to Islam.