Our Heros, Villains and Laughs For The Month - February 2018 ...

Heros Of The Month

The Cheddar Man, the reconstruction of who's skull and analysis of who's DNA revealed that he was in fact, black, and as such, sending the online British Racist Community into a meltdown of such proportions as was a joy to behold.

The fossil was unearthed more than a century ago in Gough’s Cave in Somerset. Speculation has built up around Cheddar Man’s origins and appearance because he lived shortly after the first settlers crossed from Continental Europe to Britain at the end of the last ice age.

People of white British ancestry alive today are descendants of this population.

Honourable Mentions ...

The Parkland Students, who, in their Fight for Gun Control Legislation, have proven to be erudite, determined, well spoken and forceful campaigners. They are already a source of great pride for their local community. We suspect they may have just begun.
Femi Oluwole aka @Femi_Sorry who co-founded the @OFOCBrexit Movement. We've long been a fan of Femi, who's been the bane of Nigel Farage's life on LBC Radio, as he calls to expose Nigel's fallacies regularly. Femi's interview on Sky TV was lauded by all.
Former PM John Major, who delivered a drop-the-mike speech on #Brexit, clarifying simple facts and destroying myths. Described as 'one of the most remarkable political speeches of our time', so good was it that when asked for comment afterwards, Jacob Rees Mogg could provide little to counter.

Villains Of The Month

Donald Trump, who after the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting, suggested arming teachers then went off to play golf again.

During his stay at his own Mar-A-Lago resort, only 40 miles away from Parkland, he played golf as the funerals began. He played golf as the student survivors campaigned for Gun Control Legislation. He played golf as arguments over NRA funds and lobbyists.

Finally when he visited the site of the shootings in which 17 people died, he spent a total of 14 minutes, and used the occasion as a smiling 'thumbs-up' photo opportunity.

Honourable Mentions ...

Peter bloody Hitchens in the Daily Mail, who stated that - we kid you not - complaining about being sexually assaulted will result in a Muslim takeover. Standard 'Hitchens', who dismisses such foul behaviour, whilst simultaneously managing to find an Islam angle on the story.
Gerard 'Hitler's Love Child' Von Batten, who very democratically was 'appointed' Leader of Ukip after the disastrous reign of Henry Bolton, ushering in, we presume, a disastrous reign of his own. Batten will take Ukip to even more extremes and further into obscurity.

Tory MP (for now) Ben Bradley, who libelled Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter, we here at Far Right Watch challenged him, spread the story, and it was rapidly picked up national media. After legal threats, Bradley was forced to apologise on Twitter, Said post has now been shared more than any other Tory tweet this year.

Laughs Of The Month

Ukip's former leader Henry Bolton, ousted from power over his false CV, his ineptitude and his marriage-breaking 'relationship' with a racist blond porn model. All of which you'd think would make him a perfect Ukip Leader but apparently not.

This was shortly after he'd compared himself - seriously - to Princess Diana. No, he really did.

In being kicked out of his role, he also admitted shortly afterwards that he had never, in fact, 'split' from barmy Jo Marney, despite stating so to the media and to the Party. Despite vowing to 'fight on' via any legal means possible, in true Ukip style, he in fact shortly afterards quit both the Party and politics.

Honourable Mentions ...

Bernd Baumann, the current head of Germany's Far Right Anti-Immigrant Party, AfD, who spoke at length against a Government Refugee Bill ... then accidentally voted in favour of it, helping to carry the motion.

Buffoon Boris Johnson's comparison of the Eire - Northern Ireland border as being similair to that beween Westminster and Camden, which sparked off a whole host of memes and gags. Bravo, Twitter, you were at your very best !
Hate Preacher Tommy Robinson, accused by Counter Terrorism Chief of being responsible for inciting Far Right Terrorism, threatened to 'find him'. Cue a Seven Day Twitter Ban. He attempted to carry on tweeting from borrowed accounts. This 'bypassing' is what lead to a permanent ban for 'Milo' in 2016.

Kathy Gingell (@kathycps) of Right Wing @TheConwom, who fancies herself as a bit of a 'Commentator' on Brexit matters. She tried to rewrite history - or revealed her lack of basic Brexit knowledge - by posting that Northern Ireland voted to Leave. They really didn't.
Ukip, who named to the post of Party Chairman, apparently, a gammon steak wearing a wig. Turns out he's a person called Tony McIntyre, His qualifications for the role are that he was Ukip's losing General Election Candidate in Torbay, coming in 4th with a mere 2.4% of the vote.