The Far Right - Highly Selective When Choosing Paedophilia Cases To Get Angry Over ...

Barry Bennell - On Trial
One of the 'causes' that Far Right Groups in the UK have latched onto as a validation and justification for their hatred, is UK-based Paedophilia, organised or otherwise, including 'Grooming Gangs' and Child Sexual Exploitation.

There is actually a great deal of truth in much of what they say, although a great deal of misinformation as well, particular with regard to the Grooming Gangs convicted for their crimes in Rochdale.

One of things we've often commented on is the fixation of such Far Right groups on such offences only when the suspects are of a different faith, or immigrants, or refugees. It's a very blinkered approach.

We take the view - and we're right - that CSE, Grooming and Paedophilia and awful, vile crimes regardless of whoever the suspect is, or their faith, their nationality, residential status or skin colour. Strangely our political opponents seem to disagree.

Unsurprised, we are, then, to note the silence from such Far Right Groups on the current trial of Barry Bennell, accused of 48 counts, described as "running a Child Abuse Factory on an Industrial scale". This is part of the overall Football Abuse Scandal involving 250 suspects, 560 victims, at 311 clubs. A subject on which, despite deep searches, we can find no trace of any of the usual Far Right Groups commenting on. Ever.

Richard Huckle - Convicted
It mirrors their silence at the case of Britain's Worst Convicted Paedophile, Richard Huckle, who was handed 22 life sentences.

No social media post that we can see from Ukip, Britain First, or the 'usual suspects' has mentioned him.

Does this excuse, or validate in any way, the cases of Child Grooming by other races and faiths?

Of course not.

But if you take up a cause, any cause, consistency helps to underline your point. Cherry-picking undermines it.

Selectivism effectively says that "We report on THIS suspect but not THAT suspect."

We leave you to work out the reasoning behind the tactics used.