The Madness Of King Alex, As InfoWars Loses It Again ...

Alex Jones.
Not unhinged at all.
Nope. Not one bit.
Alex Jones, the broadcast 'icon' of the self-styled 'Alt-Right', has hit a new low note after the Florida Parkland School Shootings.

After claiming for years that various events such as the Sandy Hook School Shooting, the Boston Bombing, etc, were all fakes created on a Hollywood Stage, he continues to push the myth that the survivors of Parkland are 'actors' within the 'scam'.

He's a very angry man, is Jones. Financially he funds his many Conspiracy Theories by selling rather dodgy Diet Supplement Pills.

Even his own lawyer struggles to defend him.

The Disgusting 'Actors' Meme

What makes him dangerous is that so many believe him, and quote him. Including Trump, who has commended him in the past, and validated him as a source for 'news'.

Including the Arron Banks funded Ukip blog, WestmonsterUK. Including Ukip itself.

In fact, WestmonsterUK and Ukip are besties with Paul 'Mum's Basement in Battersea' Watson, aka @prisonplanet ... InfoWars 'Man in London'.

Michael Heaver (WestmonsterUK), Dan Jukes and Joe jenkins (Ukip Employees)
and Paul Watson (Moonhowling Conspiracy Theorist for InfoWars)

One of Jones' most hilarious theories is that Liberals / Democrats are "putting chemicals in the water in the USA to turn all the frogs gay". Which, we discovered today, has been turned into a Delicious Remix. Enjoy.